Welcome to the latest and free The Engaging Brand podcast covering social media, business ideas and brand marketing tips but before we start...

Joining Anna Farmery is Matthew May, part creativity coach, part innovation catalyst who works with creative teams all over the world, helping them track down elegant solutions to complex problems. He is also the author of four critically acclaimed, award-winning, and/or bestselling books on business innovation:

  • The concept of the 6 laws of subtraction.

  • Case studies on how to take away complexity to increase business value

  • Are we overwhelmed with choice of "things" rather than choice of customer experiences?

  • How brands are brains!

  • How to subtract the obvious and add the meaningful to create simplicity in business

  • Is simplicity the complexity of business!

  • How the balancing act between simplicity and complexity...is elegance....and how the use of the diamond analogy can help you understand it.

  • How the web interface...needs to embrace the ideas of patterns but also incorporate a degree of unusual design that surprises the customer.

  • How imagination is the mortar to hold ideas together.....but whose imagination? The reader or the creator?

  • How telling a story should leave a gap..for the reader or listener to fill in based on their experience

  • How brands and consumers need constraints to be creative?

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