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Podcast 496 - Defining Your Business Model


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The Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery


Description: The Engaging Brand hosted by Anna Farmery

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Podcast 496 - Defining Your Business Model

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Do you manage risk in a way that grows your business rather than stifles it? Do you really understand your business model?

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  • Should business risk drive your business model?
  • How to innovate by using a better risk model?
  • Is risk management a mindset or a management process?
  • The 4 W's of defining your perfect business model.
  • What decisions should be made before designing your business model?
  • How to set your business vision specific enough to succeed but flexible enough to exploit new business opportunities.
  • How do you recognise internal risk to your business model?
  • Why a business model audit is important for your company.
  • Does a business model have a shelf life?
  • The barriers to business model transformation.
  • Why small businesses are even better placed to adopt a business model.

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Guest Book

From: George Budwick – June 28,2010 at 1:44 pm

Thank you for offering your free pod casts. I enjoy listening during my lunch. Keep it up.

From: John Dickering – November 18,2011 at 4:31 pm

SHOW 360 Guest sounds very waffley.
He knocks internal marketing and cascade but I didn't get a sense of what the alternative is?

From: Anna – November 18,2011 at 6:18 pm

John - sorry that this interview didn't hit the spot for you, hope that you usually enjoy the show...

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