The Engaging Brand

Engaging Brand Podcast 412 - Connecting You to Your Customers


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The Engaging Brand

Anna Farmery


Description: The Engaging Brand hosted by Anna Farmery

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Engaging Brand Podcast 412 - Connecting You to Your Customers

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Welcome to the latest and free brand marketing tips but before we start...

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Today Anna Farmery to talk about

  • Creating a distinctive personal brand and the importance in being remembered.
  • How business starts with 'knowing who you are' - no matter whether a corporation or a small business.
  • Is there a difference between selling in service industries and retail products.
  • How small business are not like big brands in terms of money.....what should I do?
  • Is there too much focus from marketing on getting traffic to site, rather than converting at the site or retaining the existing customers?
  • The importance of content marketing and monthly newsletters.
  • How to get closer to your customers?
  • How to create time to build your business?
  • Is content creation about marketing or about your own self development?
  • Do you think about repeating success meetings to create a positive mindset?

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