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B2B Marketing in 2019
August 12, 2019

Everyone is advertising, so how do you cut through the clutter in the B2B space? In this podcast, Bill Jones will discuss challenges B2B marketers face and offer tactics to solve those challenges. He’ll also touch on key lead generation tools as well as..

Concept Development, Strategy and Tactics in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)
August 01, 2019

Integrated Marketing Communications is a field that requires us to succeed in conceptual thinking andstrategy development. How does that lead us into campaign development in IMC615? The Digital Space: With all the varied media selections, outlets, platf..

Why Programmatic Media Use Takes Out Advertising Waste
July 25, 2019

Why Tzeitel Haviland Makes Sense "Tzeitel Haviland dives deep into the workings of programmatic media, walking us through its evolution and what marketers should consider when developing a programmatic media strategy." Programmatic media leverages data ..

Digital Technology and Ethical Uncertainties in Strategic Marketing
July 17, 2019

Digital technologies have transformed the media landscape and are integral to virtually every industry and field, and marketing is no exception. Today, marketers must integrate both the creative aspects of the discipline with more technical aspects. Dat..

Want Content Marketing to Work? Know Your Customers.
July 09, 2019

Content Marketing has become a trending household name in the world of marketers but really what does it take to make content marketing work for your organization. The bottom line is customers. Understanding your brands distinct demographic is the only ..

Protecting the brand: The role of brand standards in IMC
June 24, 2019

It is difficult enough for a brand to build trust among consumers these days. Having a consistent appearance and tone throughout a brand’s integrated marketing communications is critical to that mission, but it can be difficult to maintain. With large m..

Why Most SEO Initiatives Fail and How to Get Marketing and Web Dev Teams on the Same Page
June 19, 2019

Today’s guest on WVU Marketing Communications Today is Laurie Beasley, co-founder, and president of Beasley Direct and Online Marketing, Inc. She and host, Cyndi Greenglass, will be discussing search engine optimization (SEO) best practices and challeng..

Social Media for Social Change
June 11, 2019

Today’s guest on WVU Marketing Communications Today is Kelly Ann Collins, CEO, and founder of Vult Lab, a digital marketing agency that focuses on social media management for companies, orgs and thought leaders -- and campaigns for social good. She and ..

The Heart. The Craft. The Journey.
June 05, 2019

Today’s guest on WVU Marketing Communications Today is John Auge, creative director and co-owner of Auge+Gray+Drake Collective Works. He and host, Michael Lynch, will be diving into the creative industry, discussing the changes to the profession, the cr..

Public relations, with journalists, supports the First Amendment
May 29, 2019

Today’s guest on WVU Marketing Communications Today is Frank Marra. He and host, Matthew Cummings will be discussing the current state of the public relations field and the biggest challenges practitioners are facing, including ethics, legal issues, and..