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Episode 70: Recorded Live at HITS with Andy Weiman
September 13, 2019

The guys finally get to nail down the last of the 4 HITS partners, Andy Weiman. They sit and discuss best K9 practices, applicable case law, and running a successful k9 unit. AND OF COURSE, thank you to our amazing partners:

Episode 69: Recorded Live at HITS 2019 with Legal Eagle Ted Daus
September 13, 2019

The guys sit down again with Ted Daus from HITS. Ted talks about the McKnight decision and the lack of fallout as well as a SCOTUS case out of Arizona that everyone needs to be familiar with. Check out HITS K9 at AND OF COURSE,

Episode 68: Talking Scents with Cameron Ford HITS Double Drop!
September 03, 2019

Eric and Ted corner Cameron Ford from Silver State K9 and "Talking Scents" Podcast at HITS K9 Conference 2019 in Chicago to talk about tracking. They talk about tips, tricks, failures, success and everything in between and drop the episode on BOTH sho...

Episode 67: Recorded Live at HITS K9 Conference, Detection with Don Blair
September 03, 2019

Ted and Eric sit down with CIA K9 Don Blair who has forgotten more about Detection work then you currently know! The guys talk problem solving during detection and scenario based detection training! Thank you Don, you can visit him at www.ciak9.

Episode 66: Recorded at HITS K9 Conference- JJ Does the Guys… wait, that’s not right, interviews the guys
August 23, 2019

Eric and Ted get put on the spot on their own show. Our long time buddy JJ from Proven K9 sits down and talks with Eric and Ted and talk all things in failed deployments. The guys tell stories of their own experiences and talk about ways to remedy no...

Episode 65: Perimeter and Containment with Jack Schonely
August 13, 2019

Ted and Eric get back to their training roots with Jack Schonely. Jack Schonely has been working as a law enforcement officer for over 29 years, and he is a nationally recognized expert in the area of suspect tactics and perimeter containment.

Episode 64: “How Do You…..” Episode on Tracking, Building Searches and Obedience with Eric and Ted
August 03, 2019

The “how do you…” episode. The guys answer a ton of questions at once. Eric and Ted answer some of the common questions we get. The guys tackle the way they start and finish building searches. Ted specifies how he uses them to build other necessary s...

Episode 63: Series Finale of Ladies of K9 with Ariel Peldunas
July 24, 2019

The guys sit down with Ariel Peldunas. Ariel talks about her time in Kuwait with USMC handling a dual purpose dog, her time at Tarheel and Logan Haus, and contract work handling an HRD dog in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Episode 62: Ladies of K9 Houston K9 Academy Yasmin “Jaz” Stanze
July 23, 2019

In our 5th of six installments of Ladies of K9 we sit with Yasmin “Jaz” Stanze, co owner of Houston K9 Academy talks about being a handler in the military, Private contract world, working for some of the largest kennels in the world and what it’s like ...

Episode 61: Ladies of K9 with Margo Machen DVM, PhD Commander San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Search Dog Team
July 14, 2019

In the 4th Ladies Of K9 v2.0 we talk with Margo Marchen (DVM, PhD) from the San Bernardino Sherriff’s office search team.  Margo talks about the success’ and set backs of running 22 dog teams in a county roughly the size of West Virginia that covers ev...