Growing brains and body tissue are happening at universities in the US. For real. Authentic light sabers on KickStarter. Star Wars Episode 8 starts filming and Jason Bourne is coming back. In tech news, some great deals on Dell gear are out there right now and a trick that lets Siri read to you. Lots of nerd news this week!


Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic

Running Time: 37:54


Nerd News Flash

Games and Toys

Build your own light saber!
Google Cardboard VR gets a facelift
This is not your parents View Master
Speaking of flashback games, Simon is back but don’t get touchy
Not to be outdone, IoT Barbie is here!


Medical Tech

Zombies rejoice! Johns Hopkins is growing brains!
What do you need to attach to that brain? 3D body parts.



Some incredible deals on Dell tech
Siri can read to you now
Android users in Denmark (and possibly other locations) beware of texts!
Daisy...Daisy...HAL9000 storage is here but it only lasts 14 BILLION years
Following our USB drive North Korea story last week, check this out
Shape Memory polymers are bouncing back
With Syrian refugees it’s all about the eyes



I DARE you to check out this link
You Know His, not that movie but another JB
Star Wars Episode VIII has begun filming see the announcement video



Blade Runner B-days
The Classic game series Journeyman Project
Off to the Tesla races




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