Latest Episodes

Ep. 72: Death of a Trailblazer, Oliver Loving
July 28, 2019

Oliver Loving was a trailblazer...literally.  He drove cattle to Illinois, Louisiana, and Colorado.  With Charles Goodnight he blazed a new western trail intended to avoid the Indian threat.  Impatient as he was brave,

EP. 71: The First Declaration of Independence
July 04, 2019

When Texans talk about the Declaration of Independence, they usually mean the one signed at Washington-on-the-Brazos on March 2, 1836. Occasionally, we refer to the Goliad declaration of 1835. But there was one before all of them. In 1813,

Ep. 70: Lost Counties of Texas
June 24, 2019

Texas has 254 wonderful counties.  But we might have 284, or maybe we did but are down some.  Or are we?  What???  Learn about counties of Texas that were created, disappeared, were repealed, or maybe still exist.  Oh yeah,

EP. 69 Texans You Should Know: Bessie Coleman, Pilot & Pioneer
June 09, 2019

Born into poverty and raised in north central Texas, Bessie Coleman wanted to fly.  But in the early 20th century, nobody in the United States would teach a black woman to fly an airplane.  So Bessie Coleman learned a new language,

Bonus Episode: Wise About Texas goes to the movies with The Highwaymen
May 12, 2019

This bonus episode features an interview with Dr. Jody Edward Ginn, Ph.D., who was a consulting historian on the new Netflix movie The Highwaymen.  The movie stars Kevin Costner as former Texas Ranger Frank Hamer and Woody Harrelson as former Texas Ra...

Ep. 68: Bonnie & Clyde, Part 2: The Chase
April 21, 2019

Bonnie & Clyde were on the run for two years.  They committed small time thefts but big time murders.  They were killers, pure and simple.  They drove fast and far, laid low, and had help all over their territory.   But they always came home.

EP. 67: Bonnie & Clyde Part 1: The Outlaws
March 31, 2019

The great depression was hard on everyone everywhere, and Texas was no exception.  People couldn't work, could barely eat and just needed a break.  The people wanted excitement, they wanted romance, they wanted something to cheer for...

Ep. 66: The Tories of the Texas Revolution
March 24, 2019

 The account of the Texas revolution makes for glorious telling, retelling and reading.  It seemed that every man, woman and child in early Texas just couldn't wait to rebel against the tyrannical Mexican government and win another glorious war for ind...

Ep. 65: Welcome to Progress City! (It’s around here somewhere…)
February 27, 2019

 The late 19th century saw Texas industry expanding west.  The railroads were laid and towns were springing up everywhere.  That quintessential Texas opportunity was knocking once again. One railroad entrepreneur gave one aspiring town builder the idea...

Ep. 64: Texas and the Great War Part 3: Service to Country, Service to Texas
February 03, 2019

Over 5000 Texans served in World War One.  Many returned to Texas and continued their service to their home State.  Here are just a few stories of men who returned from war and continued their service.  A tribute to all our men and women who served so ...