Who Cares? …about Ross & Patrick

Who Cares? …about Ross & Patrick

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Ep. 047 – Who cares about STI’s??
June 10, 2019

On their most revealing episode yet, Ross & Patrick discuss STI's, non-monogamy, and sex in general. If you thought it was impossible for them to be even more transparent, take a listen as Ross shouts her truth from the rooftop while Patrick skittishly...

Ep. 046 – Who cares about Peggy??
June 03, 2019

Well last week they were being voyeurs at the dog park and now their sitting IN the dog park. Ross’ dreams finally came true... she wore Patrick down and got them a dog!!! Welcome Peggy, the adorable mutt to the Holbertineau family.

Ep. 045 – Who cares about walkabouts??
May 27, 2019

Join Patrick and Ross on a walkabout in their neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. They grab a coffee, visit the dog park (where they are creepy dog voyeurs), spy on one of their favorite listeners (Hi, Kiersten!),

Ep. 044 – Who cares about abortions??
May 20, 2019

It's time to talk about these god damn abortion bans. Predominantly conservative white male legislators across this country are making decisions about female bodies, and the hypocritical snow ball effect knows no bounds.

Ep. 043 – Who cares about Mother’s Day??
May 13, 2019

Happy Mother's Day, y’all! This week we take some time to thank all the mamas out there. Mothers can be biological, surrogate, adopted, chosen, or any other way you can think of someone becoming a MOTHER. Ross and Patrick start by celebrating the women...

Ep. 042 – Who cares about The Wig Lady??
May 06, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen put your hands up and your dollars down for Nefertiti!!! She is a fellow wardrobe stylist and a good “Judy” of Ross.' Take a listen as she explains her love for beauty, makeup, and glamour. And boy bands. And Selena.

Ep. 041 – Who cares about reconnection??
April 29, 2019

Ross and Patrick are recording in bisolation again! Do you wish they had a guest? Well they don’t, so get over it. Separated for a week, they're using this episode to hear about each other’s respective adventures.

Ep. 040 – Who cares about conflict resolution??
April 22, 2019

This episode starts in the thick of an awkward relationship conversation. A bit of a tiff. Ross and Patrick are cranky and tired and on different emotional pages so they decided to bring the listener with them on this uncomfortable journey of challengi...

Ep. 039 – Who cares about Justin & Caitlin??
April 15, 2019

We totally and absolutely care about Justin and Caitlin. This hilarious couple met in the comedy rooms of NYC and fell for each other while doing karaoke. They've lived in Queens and Brooklyn and over the last couple years have dealt with some real “Li...

Ep. 038 – Who cares about our bestie Danielle??
April 08, 2019

Finally! Danielle, a virgo, promptly arrives on the podcast and spills all the T. She is not only a teacher, wife, and mother, but she’s also a well read pop culture queen. Join Ross, Patrick, and Danielle as they take a walk down memory lane and discu...