Who Cares? …about Ross & Patrick

Who Cares? …about Ross & Patrick

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Ep. 059 – Who cares about The Great Outdoors??
September 09, 2019

Did you miss Ross and Patrick last week? They felt terrible that they didn’t record an episode for you. (Just tell them you missed them. They’re very sensitive and crave validation). Have no fear, they’re back and they recorded while driving upstate be...

Ep. 058 – Who cares about Billy Procida??
August 26, 2019

Billy Procida, the "Manwhore" himself, is in the Who Cares podcast studio! He talks to Ross and Patrick about standup, podcasting, sex work, and turning his sex positive slut lifestyle into a career. Billy claims to be extremely problematic but Ross on...

Ep. 057 – Who cares about Chuck Thornton??
August 19, 2019

When Ross first met Patrick, he was a reality TV producer who used a blackberry constantly and hair product never. (Ross' subsequent fashion and cultural influence on him cannot be understated.) He also had a long term "work husband" by the name of Chu...

Ep. 056 – Who cares about sluts in paradise??
August 12, 2019

Ross and Patrick's main junk food TV show obsession is The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise and its trash spawn, Bachelor in Paradise. The entire Bachelor brand is based on the myths we were all sold about love and relationships during our Disney-enhanc...

Ep. 055 – Who cares about Lindsay Goldwert??
August 05, 2019

Lindsay Goldwert is a journalist, podcaster, comedian, author, and all around fascinating human. She joins Ross and Patrick to discuss the exciting release of her first book, Bow Down: Lessons From Dominatrixes on How to Get Everything You Want.

Ep. 054 – Who cares about healing after breakups??
July 29, 2019

He's our (self-proclaimed) #1 fan and newly appointed President of the Who Cares Fan Club. This week we welcome back Bro of the show Dave Martineau! He’s 31, he’s single, he’s in therapy, and he’s uncomfortable with his sister’s openness.

Ep. 053 – Who cares about dating while married??
July 22, 2019

Did you know there’s a sex-positive dating app for singles and couples? Well there is and Ross and Patrick have done lots of swiping left and right. In this episode, they talk about digital dating while married and how doing so after 7 years of monogam...

Ep. 052 – Who cares about teamwork??
July 15, 2019

This week Patrick and Ross catch up after being separated by The Road for four days. Ross experiences shades of single motherhood while Patrick was out performing at various breweries around the northeast trying to make enough money to feed his dog-ter...

Ep. 051 – Who cares about death, sex, and dishwasher repair??
July 08, 2019

Ross and Patrick summer in Connecticut now. And yes, they prefer their favorite season in verb form. On this episode join them and Peggy for a ride down I-95 as they chat about family dynamics, son-in-law responsibilities,

Ep. 050 – Who cares about open relationships??
July 01, 2019

It's episode 50!! Can you believe it?? It only took this duo 50 episodes to decide what they really care about (or at least what they actually want to talk about): Sex, love, alternative relationships, and everything in between!