Down the rabbit hole we go!Give us a topic and we’ll plunge head first down a rabbit hole with no bottom. Inappropriate jokes, friendly verbal jousting and off-color commentary is a deep, dark abyss we have a hard time clawing our way out from. Any longtime listener of this show will know that a rabbit hole exists in just about every episode. Sometimes there are multiple holes. Other times it’s a small hole or a rather large one. And like that sentence sounds, they usually lead to — if not already starting out as — something pornographic in nature. The Internet has a lot of porn on it, and a new study finds that do to the way we humans easily fall into a “rabbit hole” of content and because of how websites are structured, the web is a lot more interconnected than we all might think. The study from Boston’s Northeastern University finds that any given website is just 19 clicks away from any other website. So you can go from to [insert favorite porn site here] in just a matter of a few mouse clicks. We talk all about this a bit later in the show.

Before that though we discuss something else that’s going to be a lot more interconnected… Sony’s new PlayStation. They quasi-unveiled it this past week. There was a lot of fancy Nvidia-rendered game footage and a controller. No console though. Sony has locked the designers in a room and given them until the holidays to come up with something that’ll probably look like a DVD player and a Maserati mated. They rattled off the specs, pulled out the new touchpad equipped controller and then left everyone wondering what the thing will cost. No price or launch date was given. And again, they didn’t even have a prototype to show. Something tells me Sony just wanted to get the jump on the folks over at Microsoft. In a way you can’t blame them, late last year, Sony’s stock was reduced to junk status, but has rebounded a bit since then. It’s been six years since the PS3 came out and the Xbox 360 seems to be the norm for many. Most people I know don’t own JUST a PS3. They also have a 360 and/or a Wii with and without the U. One of the new functions of the PS4 that caught my attention is this new online cloud shit Sony will be pushing. Among other things, it’ll allow you to hand over control of your game to an online buddy in case you’re having trouble jumping a chasm or fighting off a group of enemies. You also get the option of recording video clips of your game play and there’s a secondary processor inside the PS4 that will handle background tasks like downloading game demos without your permission. Fun! All this can be yours for the high high price of just….. ummmm…..

Our live netcast last night had to compete with the Oscars’ telecast. We couldn’t care less about these hollow, meaningless awards. However, the anti-award known as the Razzie always generates discussion on our show. And the winners for 2012 were split mostly between two movies. Find out what they are by tuning in!

No one deserves a Razzie for recent work more than Michael Bay. Sometimes we wouldn’t mind throwing him down a hole. He blipped on our radar this week with the announcement on his website that Megan Fox will be playing a role in his live-action NINJA TURTLES movie. The single line of text proclaiming that she’s been welcomed back into the family, left many wondering if she’ll take the role of April O’Neil. Although it’s not official, someone did ask his Bay-jesty about the character on Twitter and he did reply, “Yes.” To which our reply is simply a sigh and disappointed head shake.

If we ever do reach the bottom of this rabbit hole we’re going to need some light… perhaps we can get that from a lightsaber? And perhaps I can work on a better segue? In San Fran a group of STAR WARS enthusiasts are teaching lightsaber fighting. They say their technique is easy to master and will have you fighting like a Jedi in no time at all. The classes are just $10 and they even provide you with a saber for the first month free! We consider other forms of movie-combat we’d like to learn in a class as we wrap up this show and reach the bottom of another deep hole.


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