Back from our Holiday break and ready for action on our first show of 2013. This week we welcome Under-Age Jen as our guest. We also have a huge announcement! We forgo the tech and video game news this week and catch up with what we all did on break and new years, We talk roller coasters, Cedar Point, Aaron's midget rape-van gets a Corvette engine, Aaron doesn't get a crossbow, Speed Sledding, Beer Pong, Bull Testicle Beer To Be Sold Nationwide, J.J. Abrams fulfills dying man's wish, Zero Dark Thirty, More directors turn down Star Wars 7, Gearing up to make our Oscar picks, Jen's favorite movie, Cameroon acquits two men sentenced for "looking gay", Cat caught sneaking saw, phone into Brazil prison, Bobcat attacks Massachusetts man in garage and Kentucky Burglar, Caught Smuggling Heroin Syringes In Vagina

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