The Waves of Tech

The Waves of Tech

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MoviePass Scandal And Google Flights Guarantee
August 13, 2019

Big news hit this week as we learned that MoviePass deliberately changed user passwords to prevent users from using their subscription service. Surprisingly, railroad crossings are not a standard feature in navigation tools and certain safety agencies ...

Apple Card And More Data Breaches
August 06, 2019

Why a 20 year AT&T customer has decided to walk away after several hiccups from the mobile provider. Apple released some additional details about the highly anticipated Apple Card by sending invitations to select and chosen iOS users.

Miocar – A New Ride Sharing Service Debuts
August 01, 2019

We begin by discussing the news of AT&T reporting a loss of nearly one million customers this last quarter and share our opinions one why this is really happening. If you were affected by the Equifax data breach,

Apollo 11 and GDPR Fines
July 24, 2019

This weekend we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and the first steps on the moon. British Airways was dealt the heaviest fine in GDPR regulation history which shows European agencies are making a statement of their seriousness.

Using Technology In The Non-profit Sector With Fay Schofield
July 16, 2019

We are talking about using technology for good and technology in the non-profit sector. Fay shares her experience in the industry and shares her valuable insights into the role social media plays into organizational agendas, how risk is being taken,

Cell Data Overages And Are E-Scooter Rentals For The Birds?
July 09, 2019

Central and high desert residents of California were hit with major back-to-back earthquakes and social media played a pivotal role in information, safety, and communication. Over the weekend, we experienced how availability of mobile phone data can ca...

Dying Technology in 2019 and Beyond
July 02, 2019

Amazon has announced Prime Day - July 15 and 16 - offering up some new features to entice veteran and newcomers to the sell-a-thon. Tech comes and goes, some faster than others. We take a stab at existing technology that will be dying off by the end of...

Putting a Value on Your Data And Monopoly Voice Banking
June 25, 2019

A new bill from the United States Senate aims to require some tech companies to disclose the actual dollar amount being made off your data they collect. The very popular and entertaining Drone Racing League has secured another round of venture capital ...

Off The Grid Living With Heather Welch
June 18, 2019

We are joined by Heather Welch of the Sunshine & PowerCuts podcast talking about the myths, realities, and technology behind off-the-grid living. Out of necessity 7 ½ years ago, Heather and her husband built a customized off grid system in rural northe...

NASA’s New Technology And FCC Robocall Blocking
June 11, 2019

We kick off the show talking about the changing landscape of the video and gaming industry as E3 in Los Angeles is in full swing. NASA has launched a new deep space atomic clock into orbit with plans of testing a one-way signal communication between Ea...