Visions, Faith, and the Persecuted Church

Visions, Faith, and the Persecuted Church

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Judgment and Perfect Peace - Blood Guilt Cain to Armageddon Pt7
September 13, 2019

We begin with this scriptural context. It reads "Thou wilt [You will] keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee, because he trusteth in thee."

Righteous Branch Reign Isaiah's Prophetic Book Pt16 on Battle Lines
September 12, 2019

Righteous Branch Reign - Amidst the warnings of Judgment, Isaiah places the mercy and hope of all peoples. It is a message not just to Judah and Israel, but to

Anti-Christ Persecution, Chinese Dissident, Leah Sharibu and more Gospel news
September 11, 2019

Anti-Christ Persecution, Chinese Dissident Endorses, Leah Sharibu, Israel's war, Vietnam no Christ, Burma Persecutes, Iran Crackdown, Prosperity and Benny Hinn

Patients of the Saints - Blood Guilt Cain to Armageddon Pt6
August 30, 2019

Patience of the Saints - For the nations of men Gods patience comes to a point of righteous judgment. Judgment he warned about through His servants the Apostles

Righteous Branch Isaiah's Prophetic Book Pt15 on Battle Lines
August 29, 2019

Righteous Branch - The first Ten chapters of Isaiah are finished. Yet we have from the beginning found pertinate prophecies wound in the warnings to Judah. Here

Gospel Prophecy Advocacy, Following Jesus, America's God, Fake Devil, More
August 28, 2019

Gospel Prophecy Advocacy- The price must be paid. Cost of following Jesus Christ can be counted in the gallons of blood spilled. Blood of innocent Believers in

Revelation Blood Penalty - Blood Guilt Cain to Armageddon Pt5
August 23, 2019

Revelation Blood Penalty -The penalty for the blood is upon Mystery Babylon, it's nations, it's people, and it's leaders. All are guilty for they have shed the

World Gospel News looks at China, Nigeria, Philippines, Israel, Advocacy
August 21, 2019

World Gospel News- The rank excitement for murder and mayhem seems to have no ending in sight. Yet the word says that unless the days are shortened, no flesh wo

Blood Atonement Sanctifies -Blood Guilt Cain to Armageddon Pt4
August 16, 2019

Blood Atonement Sanctifies- The purpose was a God purpose. For the Lord God chose to make atonement through the blood. So it was a Blood Atonement that Sanctifi

Judgment and Glory Isaiah's Prophetic Book Pt14 on Battle Lines
August 15, 2019

Judgment and Glory- This week we follow the House of Jacob and the invasion of the land. The sins of Judah has brought this to pass. However King Hezekiah looks