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What Up Yo.

First off,
Second, this chapter of the podcast I’m flying solo, no wingman. I’m talking about the final season of Carlon Cuse’s brilliant A&E series,  Bates Motel.

But again, I spoil. I spoil hard-core.

Forth, and most importantly, this chapter of the podcast opens with me referencing a 15 minute video summary of Bates Motel Seasons 1-4...I implore you to watch it along with me as I play it during the episode. It will help to better visually illustrate the series, seasons one through four.

The link to that video is here:
The Bates Motel Season 1-4 Recap Video

This is a video playlist I created of episode recaps from the fifth and final season of the Bates Motel.
The Bates Motel Playlist:

The series Bates Motel served as a five-season prequel to the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, Psycho. It is an alternate reimagining of Norman Bates, and the world he came from before we met him in the 1960 film.

Did I say it was brilliant?

Developed by Carlton Cuse, Kerry Ehrin & Anthony Cipriano, they crafted a lush world for the characters to exist and live in.

The series stars Vera Farmiga as the tender and vulnerable Norma Bates, and the psychotic and deliciously twisted “Mother".

Freddie Highmore as the tortured and menacing Norman Bates in a role he completely fucking owned. He brought both a child like wonder and a ferocious madness to the roll in ways that must have Brought the demons out of him.

Max Thieriot as Normans brother Dylan, Olivia Cooke as Emma, Normans only true friend and Mother to Dylan’s child (eventually).