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Put those headphones in now...

Christopher Nolan's 2nd entry in "The Dark Knight Trilogy"

2008's The Dark Knight.

We went deep, 2 hours deep.

I've delved into the Dark before on this site in article form here:



I went to trim where I could, but couldn't find a thing to take out.

I am joined this week by my cousin Matt Candela, of "That'll Play" podcast.

2 years ago this month Matt and Johnny Nuzzi had me on their show and that experience was a massive factor in why this podcast exists today.

Therefore I found it fitting to have Brother Matt on the show 2 years later.

The result?


The only unfortunate part of this is that Oldboy wasn't feeling well. . . and he was missed.

Get well brother.

Having Matt here was great. We covered as many corners of this film as we could do without a script.

Again, it's 2 hours, it's a big fat 48kHz, 24bit, stereo .MP3 file, so apologies that I couldn't get it any smaller, but as far as I'm concerned it had to be the highest quality possible, dripping with gasoline.

Thanks for listening, hope you enjoy.

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