my guest; Mirja Parry

Meet Mirja, a woman who knows how to have balls of fun with plastic bags. Plus, the winner of the Vocal Vibes Artist of the Year Award is announced.

Many thanks to my sponsor of this edition of Vocal Vibes,
All the music played on Vocal Vibes is by permission from the artists.


Watt Box - intro  music
from Mirage CD by WilliamCarey, 2006

Carey Parder-Accoustic Guitar
Bill Wilton-Accoustic Guitar


Ode to Terapin Station
from Alex Boisselle's Ashbury Train CD by Alex Boisselle, 2010


After The Show
from Lucky Tonight  CD, by Romi Mayes 2006


Seems Like Yesterday
from The Road it Goes CD, by Jen Foote, 2012


For those of you who are good at it, or weaving, there are patterns to make the mats. After some searching I found a link to the Aylmer United Church site, and it has the information for making the mats.



There Was A Time
from He Gave Me a Blue Nightgown CD by Sunday Wilde, 2012


HDP15.Thumper 01 - sound bumper
Diger Boing - sound bumper

Written and Produced by Grant Corriveau


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