It's a change of pace this time. Rather than an all-reviews episode, Bill joins me to talk about our favorite games of 2017 (and prior years). We read some listener email, which prompts several tangents and discussions about Nintendo Labo, 8-bit Castlevania games, the future of Playstation VR, and more. We recap our 2017 predictions to see how well we guessed the world of gaming at the beginning of last year. We also have a few new predictions for 2018. With no end to the games on the horizon, we talk about quite a few upcoming releases, with rankings on how likely it is they'll release this year. Oh, and if you're a PC gamer, you're in luck. Sixteen games have been added to the codes give-away page. They're free to the first listener able to solve a little scavenger hunt made up of clues in the episode. Listening late? Play along anyway, because the Steam codes usually last days, weeks, even months before being redeemed. It never hurts to check. 00:00:04 - Welcome to the Podcast (Intro) 00:05:40 - Intro and Agenda for 2017 Wrap-Up 00:10:47 - Listener Email (Jason G) 00:14:51 - Listener Email (Pawel) 00:29:23 - Listener Email (Judge Greg) 00:32:55 - Mike's 2017 Honorable Mentions 00:49:23 - Bill's Best-Of-Played in 2017 01:06:03 - Mike's Best Of 2017 Top 10 List 01:18:49 - Mike's 2017 Didn't-Play List 01:24:57 - Bill's Ongoing Backlog List 01:32:13 - Bill's 2017 Predictions Recap 01:34:21 - Mike's 2017 Predictions Recap 01:38:27 - Bill's Predictions for 2018 01:44:29 - Mike's Predictions for 2018 01:48:44 - Looking Ahead to 2018 and Beyond 02:12:45 - Closing Remarks (Wrap-Up) 02:15:00 - VGG Podcast MIDI Music Clip 02:17:21 - Post-Episode Outtake (with Addie) Have feedback? Write to us at Find links and show notes at