The first three reviews this episode are for point-and-click adventure games. I review The Uninvited, a classic NES adventure game now available as part of the 8-Bit Adventure Anthology (PS4). After that, another from the same collection, Shadowgate (PS4). Then I review Subject 13 (PS4), Wolfenstein: The New Colossus (PS4), and Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Switch).
In the intro, several more game codes on Steam have been added to the codes give-away page, and I talk a little about plans for our 2017 year-end wrap-up episode, where Bill will return to co-host. If want to participate, email us your best-of list, predictions for 2018, or just whatever seems appropriate for a year-end wrap-up. 00:00:00 - Game Audio Clip (from Wolfenstein 2) 00:00:46 - Welcome to the Podcast (Intro) 00:05:24 - 8-Bit Adventure: The Uninvited (Review) 00:15:20 - 8-Bit Adventure: Shadowgate (Review) 00:21:30 - Subject 13 (Review) 00:32:22 - Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus (Review) 00:41:08 - Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle (Review) 00:50:28 - Closing Remarks (Wrap-Up) 00:51:13 - Game Music Clips (from Mario + Rabbids) 00:52:11 - Post-Episode Outtake (with Addie) Have feedback? Write to us at Find links and show notes at