This milestone marks not only our one hundred and fiftieth episode, but also the last episode for Addie. When the podcast continues (probably in the next month or two), the format is changing to an all-review pre-recorded show with just me. That will probably continue for a while, with occasional Mini-Gamers segments with Heath or other special episodes possibly co-hosted by Bill. Then, when the time is right, the show will return to a weekly schedule, with Heath as the permanent co-host. Anyway, that's the plan. It might take months or even years before he's ready, or it may end altogether before that. It's impossible to express how grateful we both are for everybody who listened to and enjoyed our podcast over these past three (almost) years. Whether you were a recent listener, a lapsed listener from early on, or there from the beginning to the end, we never would have kept going without you as an audience. It means the world to us both that you helped make this possible for so long. This week's show starts with our usual news and new releases, followed by an update on what I've been playing. That's Syberia II (PS3) and Prey (PS4). After that, we switch gears to email, which is the focus of this week's episode. We also received several audio clips from listeners, which are included too. After that, we reminisce for a bit before closing the show. It may not truly be the end, but with Addie stepping away from co-hosting duties, it sure feels like it. We hope you enjoy this "final" episode. Have feedback? Write to us at Find links and show notes at