It's the end of an era, but maybe the start of something new. This version of the Video Game Generations Podcast will come to an end in two weeks, with episode 150. Addie is old enough now that her priorities have changed, and Heath isn't quite old enough to take it seriously, contribute in a meaningful way, or even just sit still for an hour. The future is uncertain, but I hope to keep the podcast alive in some form. I may do occassional episodes that are entirely made up of my pre-recorded reviews for multiple games, or maybe we'll do a bonus special episode once in a while. The goal, though, is to put the current format on pause for some period of time, until Heath is old enough to make it work. Of course, that assumes he'll still want to, when that time comes. He's here this week, and probably next, but Addie should be back for episode 150. If you have email or voice mail (using our SpeakPipe link or by sending your own .MP3 file) for our "final" episode, be sure to get it to us by May 22nd, prior to our recording on May 23rd. It's a shorter episode this week, because I'm still not finished with Persona 5 (PS4). I talk a little about it this week, but I'm saving most of my thoughts for the review. News consists of this week's new game releases. Then I read an email regarding the differences in walking simulators, Dreamfall Chapters impressions, and the PSVR-compatible game GNOG. My plan for this week's feature segment is a little rushed, but it involves Game Informer's top 100 RPGs of all time in their latest issue. I mention just the ones I played until reaching the top 10. I had intended to say more about each game, but by that point in the show, Heath was too restless for that. The password for this week's addition to the Steam codes page is given out very late in the episode. Five games have been added this week, and as always, the first first listener to redeem them gets them. Up for grabs are Sudeki, Jurassic Park: The Game, Candle, Guardians of Victoria and ZombieCarz. Quite the eclectic mix. Have feedback? Write to us at Find links and show notes at