Heath fills in for Addie once again in this week's episode. The neighbor's lawn mower fills in as an annoying bit of bad luck. We don't have a sound-proof recording studio or anything, unfortunately, so I apologize in advance for the droning buzz that can be heard through most of the show. At least my pre-recorded segment, with a spoiler-free review of Mass Effect: Andromeda (PS4) isn't affected by that. In this episode, I rant about YouTube's cryptic "inappropriate content" complaint about one of our recent episodes, which resulted in its removal from YouTube. Even after disputing it, an uninformative and unhelpful cookie-cutter response was the only result. Since our content doesn't actually voilate their content policy, and no specifics were given, it's impossible to continue uploading to YouTube because I have no idea what the issue was. As a result, we're no longer on YouTube. My first thought was the ending music in that episode (from Blaster Master Zero), but I generally only include stuff that others have set a precedent by uploading already. Even so, a "copyright strike" is an entirely different thing on YouTube, so the specifics of what went wrong may forever remain a mystery. After news and new releases, I include my previously-mentioned pre-recorded review. We had no email this week, which may have been for the best, since Heath was very anxious to move ahead into game discussion. Much of his gaming time has been spent on the Nintendo Switch, so he talks a little about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) and Snake Pass (Switch). Most of the discussion is about Lego City Undercover (Switch), which prompts us to talk about collectibles and completion percentages in games. This week's Steam code give-aways include Puzzle Agent, Puzzle Agent 2, and The Silent Age. The ending music is the Mass Effect: Andromeda title theme. Have feedback? Write to us at podcast@vggpodcast.com Find links and show notes at http://www.vggpodcast.com