Heath returns again to guest-host in Addie's place, due to yet another scheduling conflict. We're trying to get things back on track, though. Next week, the plan is to return to our normal Tuesday night recording, with Addie back on the show. Somehow, the show runs longer with Heath. Keeping him focused on the subject at hand has been a challange. This week, we talk about the upcoming PLAY Collective games on PS4, this week's new releases, more on the Nintendo Switch and upgrading your memory card, listener feedback about Horizon: Zero Dawn, and thoughts on recent events involving the co-host of a much more popular podcast. In my pre-recorded segment, I give opening impressions of Blaster Master Zero (Switch) and a review of Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4) -- without spoilers, of course. Heath talks briefly about everything he's playing, including Super Bomberman R (Switch), Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PS4), Tearaway Unfolded (PS4), Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch), and Snipper Clips (Switch). In this week's top ten list, I count down my favorite 80's movies, but with one constraint. I choose movies that also happened to have an associated video game. This excludes many of my 80's favorites, but those are mentioned in a lengthy honorable mentions section. Two Steam game codes are given away early in the show. These are Rest in Peace and the classic puzzle-platformer Limbo. If you're the first listener to solve the simple clues to fill in the blanks, you can redeem these PC games on Steam. And finally, the ending music this week is from Horizon's title theme. Enjoy! Have feedback? Write to us at podcast@vggpodcast.com Find links and show notes at http://www.vggpodcast.com