In a surprise twist, Addie had a second scheduling conflict on our alternate recording night, so younger brother Heath fills in as a guest host. It looks like next week will also be one day late, before we're back to our normal schedule of releasing on Wednesday, but at least Addie should be back to her regular hosting duties then. With Heath here, though, we talk about the Nintendo Switch late in the show. We share our thoughts and early impressions of the new handheld/home hybrid console. Heath talks a little about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and I try to steer him clear of anything that might be a spoiler. Before that, my pre-recorded segment is a few opening thoughts on Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4). I'm saving a more in-depth review of the game until I finish it, hopefully by next week. For this week's new game releases, Heath tries to guess what each game is about. There's some confusion, though, because at one point he thinks he's supposed to predict what it is without even hearing the title. After that, email dominates the show in what's probably this week's longest segment. Of all the weeks to get a whopping five emails from listeners -- some with questions specifically to Addie -- it's the one week she isn't here. Topics are interesting and varied, including recent movie recommendations, how we recommend games based on similarities to other games, a different take on Horizon: Zero Dawn, a recommendation for Super Mario 3D Land (3DS), what age is right for kids to start learning games with more advanced mechanics, the paradox that is game developer Spiders, and a mini-review of the recently-released game Night in the Woods. This week's Steam game give-away, early in the show, is for TellTale's The Wolf Among Us. Solve the clue to be the first listener to redeem and win the code. Have feedback? Write to us at Find links and show notes at