We haven't been without a top ten list or a game/quiz in several weeks, but the streak is broken. Hopefully we've made up for it in the other segments, including email topics that cover last week's QotW about mid-generation console updates, the next game from Spiders, PS4 remote play using Playstation TV, and video game characters stumbling into a different game's world. Before all that, we have the usual news and new game release segments. And before that, even, listen for more codes given away for a Nioh PS4 dynamic theme and some Walking Dead games on Steam. My pre-recorded segment this week is all about Nioh (PS4). I haven't finished it, and I'm likely not even half-way through, but I cover quite a bit more than last week. We also talk more about Borderlands 2 (PS4) from The Handsome Collection, after Addie decided to try it out in split-screen co-op with her brother and me. Addie's Mobile Game of the Week is Color Switch (iOS). She also talks about another tough-to-describe mobile puzzle game called Paper.io (iOS). After looking at it post-show, it seemed kind of like a blockier multiplayer version of Qix, at least in its basic concept. This week's ending music is from the Nioh title screen. Next week, more Nioh talk (if there's anything left to say), and it'll be our third of five weeks recording on Wednesday evening for a Thursday release. We're almost half-way back to our usual schedule of a day earlier. Have feedback? Write to us at podcast@vggpodcast.com Find links and show notes at http://www.vggpodcast.com