We have a plan for working around Addie's volleyball schedule. Starting next week with episode 135, we'll record one day late (Wednesday) and release on Thursday. After five weeks of this, we should be back to our usual Wednesday releases in mid-March with episode 140. So just a heads up on that. After three more Steam code give-aways, news and new releases, we have several emails from listeners to share. This includes many suggestions for family-friendly tech/geek/game podcasts, thoughts on the Nintendo Switch as it relates to the more mainstream consoles from Sony and Microsoft, a suggestion for a new top ten list for a future episode, another reaction to a prior top ten list, and thoughts on TellTale's Batman and the cult of Pokemon (disclaimer: not a real cult). In game chat, I talk a little about the split-screen co-op I played with Addie's brother Heath this weekend (Perfect Dark Zero backwards compatible on Xbox One, and Borderlands 2 from The Handsome Collection on PS4). Addie played nothing, or so she says, so all that's left is my pre-recorded wrap-up on Gravity Rush 2 (PS4). It's a great game with a time-consuming platinum trophy I haven't quite earned yet. This week's "top" list is a follow-up to another recent top ten. This time, it's my top 13 video game tropes that would be horrible in real life. This was a lot of fun to discuss. Addie believes she may be living out one of these tropes for real. The show wraps up with the title theme from Gravity Rush 2. And don't forget: next week begins a five-episode run of posting one day late. Have feedback? Write to us at podcast@vggpodcast.com Find links and show notes at http://www.vggpodcast.com