A big topic this week is the Nintendo Switch. Addie missed the details we've been getting lately about this upcoming hybrid handheld/home console, so it's mainly me filling her in on the launch line-up, future releases to be excited about, and more. We also go over this week's new releases. Email returns in a big way, with comments and questions from new and long-time listeners alike. To answer one, we need your help. Can you suggest and recommend any other family-friendly podcasts that would be suitable for listening when kids are around, such as for a long commute? It doesn't have to be just video games. Anything tech or geeky works too. Movies? Comics? New gadgets? Let us know, and we'll share the suggestions on our next episode. In other email, it's a duo of top ten lists. Bill writes in with the top ten games he missed in 2016 but hopes to play this year. Pawel includes his top ten favorite platinum trophies earned, in an email that also includes The Last Guardian, made-up languages in games, and the odd things we notice regarding voice acting in games. Addie talks about what she's been playing, which is The Witness (PS4), Call of Duty 2 split-screen (Xbox 360), and A World of Keflings (Xbox 360). My pre-recorded segment includes a Gravity Rush Remastered wrap-up (PS4), a brief update about Phoenix Wright (3DS), and my review of a cult classic last-gen action RPG called Nier (Xbox 360). This week's ending music is from Kaine's theme in Nier. Such a great soundtrack. Late in the show, we have a new top ten list of our own. This time, we talk about the seemingly mundane or standard abilities that video game characters have that would be awesome if they were real. There's even an honorable mention! Have feedback? Write to us at podcast@vggpodcast.com Find links and show notes at http://www.vggpodcast.com