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Concealed Carry Podcast - Guns | Training | Defense | CCW

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Episode 331: Getting Started in the Firearms Industry
July 03, 2019

Today, Riley and Jacob sit down for a roundtable chat with Gary Ramey of Honor Defense firearms and Jason Wilson from Lucid Optics to talk about entrepreneurship in the firearms industry, how to break into the industry, what to do to get started.

Episode 330: Legal Q&A with Andrew Branca and Chad Enos at KelTec
July 02, 2019

Riley had the privilege of sitting down with and talking about legal questions and considerations together with Andrew Branca (Law of Self Defense) and Chad Enos (KelTec). Listeners and viewers submitted questions to us and were presented to Andrew for...

Episode 329: Integrative Defense Strategies & CCW – Todd Fossey
June 28, 2019

Today, Riley interviews Todd Fossey who is charging onto the national scene as a top tier disruptive innovator and champion for the citizen defender. He is the CEO and Chief Instructor at Integrative Defense Strategies in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Episode 328: Historical Concealed Carry Guns with Ashley Hlebinsky
June 23, 2019

Today, Riley interviews Ashley Hlebinsky, Curator of the Cody Firearms Museum at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West. We’re going to be talking with Ashley about her work as curator and the upcoming Grand Opening of the completely renovated museum. 

Episode 204: Shane Coley – Try to Get 1% Better Everyday
March 03, 2018

Today's episode of the Concealed Carry Podcast features an interview with Shane Coley, Glock Shooting Team Captain, 2017 USPSA Handgun National Champion, and all-around good dude. There's some seriously great advice in this interview that we're confide...

Episode 203: Study Shows Schools Safer Now Than in the 1990’s
February 28, 2018

Today Riley and Jacob talk about the latest news from across the gun and concealed carry industry. The NRA is taking the blame for the Parkland, FL shooting. It looks like Delta Airlines may be paying a HUGE price for this idiotic move.

Episode 202: Carry Trainer’s Mickey Schuch – A Holistic Approach to Training
February 24, 2018

Today Riley interviews Mickey Schuch of Carry Trainer. Mickey is a respected firearms instructor that also obtains in excess of 160 hours of training for himself each year from quality training schools such as Massad Ayoob Group and others. -

Episode 201: Let’s Repeal the 2nd Amendment
February 21, 2018

GIVEAWAY WINNERS ANNOUNCED!! - Plus we cover some crazy news stories from around the industry. Gun rights and right to self-defense are UNDER ATTACK!  - Plus we introduce a NEW SEGMENT in today's show that I know you're going to really love!!

Episode 200: The Deadliest Shooting in U.S. History – Lessons Learned
February 17, 2018

Today's episode marks a HUGE milestone for the Concealed Carry Podcast. We have now hit 200 EPISODES in a little more than 2 years!! - Join me, Riley, together with Jacob for a special episode today as we share the special interview I conducted with A...

Episode 199: Neighbor Shoots Getaway Car to Stop Burglary Suspects
February 16, 2018

Today Riley and Matthew share the latest news from across the industry including some big news from a major gun manufacturer that is going bankrupt and will require a major debt restructuring to stay afloat.