Tim Deluxe aka Tim Liken from Uniting Of Opposites joins Robert in the studio bringing in some great music selections and discussing the Uniting Of Opposites album project on Tru Thoughts. Tim talks about his journey from working in a record shop to DJing at Ministry Of Sound (whilst still a young teenager) to making big dancefloor anthems that cross over. Tim discusses life on the “Superstar” DJ circuit and how he struggled with depression through this time and eventually decided to take a step back from that world and focus on his health, returning to creativity by recording a Jazz influenced House album for Strictly Rhythm and then the Uniting Of Opposites album. Tim talks about making RIP Groove and the initial reactions to making that and the recent Sherelle, Riz La Teef, Boiler Room viral clip (with the Fixate Remix of RIP Groove) and the “Rewind / Reload” DJ debate. The musical selections from Tim are on point and this is a very honest interview with great insights on his musical and personal journey to date.