The Two Bobs Podcast

The Two Bobs Podcast

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TTB110: T-Rex of Honor
September 09, 2019

New craft beers; Fake smiling at work; Crazy news featuring Popeye’s chicken sandwich (again), a T-Rex, a Florida burglar, a Subway sandwich thief, a surprise pilot, and lottery revenge.

TTB109: Grandma’s Bucket List
September 02, 2019

New craft beers; Pizzadilla vs Popeyes Chicken Sandwich; Crazy News featuring a drug debt, sex pigs, geriatric gang bang, a criminal, a recluse, and a circus.

TTB108: Cuddle Therapy
August 26, 2019

New craft beers; new light beer from Bell’s; Pumpkin Spice Spam; Crazy news featuring Florida Man, a hand grenade, Trump pills, a professional cuddler, at home castration, Pokémon Go, and a family issue.

TTB107: Sheep Is Dolly
July 29, 2019

New craft beers; Crazy *$%! Alexa does; Crazy news featuring a crappy car issue, Taco Bell DUI, unexpected arrest, birds getting freaky, stolen candy, and a rare eating disorder.

TTB106: DUI Time Machine
July 22, 2019

New craft beers; another review!; 25 ways to NOT get out of a speeding ticket; Crazy news featuring a time machine, excessive heat, stupid criminal, baby shark, too many beers, and an emergency surgery.

TTB105: Prehistoric STDs
July 15, 2019

New craft beers; Burger King tacos; new Game of Thrones beer; Crazy news featuring a stinky criminal, rooftop pool, radioactive snakes, unique car seat, not so smart postcard, and a prehistoric STD.

TTB104: Mermaid Enthusiast
July 01, 2019

New craft beers; a review from Kaden2013; funny Amazon reviews; Crazy News featuring an attack squirrel, Marijuana Pepsi, a pepperoni pizza, an unhappy land owner, WiFi down, and a mermaid.

TTB103: D***o Cleaning Wipes
June 10, 2019

New craft beers; too much coffee is good for you (or not); Crazy News featuring free french fries, a chicken coop, twerking thief, prostitute who stayed too long, stupid criminal and a lady who left her husband for a german shepherd.

TTB102: Mildly Fishy
May 27, 2019

New craft beers; Marriage tweets; Crazy news featuring stolen cookie money, an angry woman, shooting yourself in the nuts, a hedgehog, Michael Jackson, and an experimental procedure.

TTB101: Horse F’er James
May 20, 2019

New craft beers; a new phone scam; Game of Thrones; Crazy news featuring horses, a lawnmower, naked baller, yoga pants, a missing cat, a burglar, and a dog on the NYC Subway.