Trill MBA Show - The Career Management Podcast for Black Women

Trill MBA Show - The Career Management Podcast for Black Women

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National Black MBA Conference Prep with Cherice Williams
August 18, 2019

S3:Ep 33 - It’s that time of year again…. Diversity Recruiting Season and we are in the thick of it.  In a little over a month, National Black MBA Association will host its annual Conference and Exposition in Houston, TX.   - Last season,

Discrimination At Ford Motor Company Continues, Another Example w/ Walter Bernard
August 11, 2019

S3:Ep 32 - In the past 2 years, Ford Motor Company has settled with an EEOC Harassment Investigation for $10.125 Million and in March was ordered to pay $16.8 Million to an ex-employee for discrimination and retaliation.  Unfortunately,

Back To Work After A Career Break: An Update w/ Tiffany Samuels
August 04, 2019

S3:Ep 31 - In this episode, my B-School Bestie and I drop nuggets during this update convo. Last year we sat down to talk about how the huge losses of our mothers have shaped our thoughts on career and taking career breaks. -

Sis, You Frustrated! And That’s OK.
July 28, 2019

S3:Ep 30 - In a world of Trump Twitter chaos, who isn't frustrated?  In this episode, I share how the BS is currently frustrating me, the steps I take to manage my frustration, and what you need to do if you find yourself frustrated at work.

Is Corporate America Using US? My #EssenceFest Recap
July 21, 2019

S3:Ep 29 - Two weeks ago, I was in New Orleans, Louisiana, living my best life with my cousins and friends, enjoying my friends work perks, and soaking in all the melanated joy of the 25th Annual Essence Festival.  - In this episode,

You Have To Manage Your Manager!
July 14, 2019

S3:Ep 28 - In this episode, I explain why you must manage your manager. Unfortunately, this task falls on you.  So today  I lay out why managing your manager is very important, how to determine the type of manager you have,

Mid-Year Check-In: How Are You Tracking On Your Objectives?
July 07, 2019

S3:Ep 27 In this episode, we talk about what you need to do to set yourself up for success for the rest of the year.  We are past the halfway point for the year.  How are you tracking?  Are you going to hit your deliverables by the end of the year?

Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number with Mrs. Adrienne
June 30, 2019

S3:Ep 26 - We have successfully dealt with Sexism, Racism, Classism....  So what's a little Ageism to US? - In this episode, one of my favorite coaching clients, Mrs. Adrienne, joins me for a conversation on Ageism. In 2018, Mrs.

Sis, It Might Be Time To Contact The EEOC with Anitra K. Brown, Esq.
June 23, 2019

S3:Ep 25 - As Black Women, we find ourselves in some pretty rough and interesting situations at work. Most times we can use our resourcefulness to turn the situation around. But what are we supposed to do when we can’t fix it and we find ourselves in...

Coaching Call Chronicles: How This Fortune 500 Treated A New MBA Grad Like Trash And Then Pushed Her Out
June 16, 2019

S3:Ep 24 In this episode, we hear a cautionary tale from an anonymous Corporate Warrior. After graduating with her MBA from a top B-School, she joined a well known Fortune 500. In one year, she found herself pushed right on out of the organizatio...