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Ilona Selke, shares The concept of dream big, is to not let yourself become small. Not just react to what life's dishing out. Today on the Transform Your Mind with Coach Myrna podcast. I am Coach Myrna Young and I am so excited to be talking to international best-selling author Ilona Selke. Ilona is travelling the USA directly from Bali where she spends seven months of a year. So envious, Ilona is promoting her new book, “Dream Big, the Universe is Listening” I want to introduce our topic by saying that you're not going to believe How the Universe is listening to me! Today we're going to be talking about shifting your reality in the quantum of matrix, I meditate every morning and then I go walking and meditate some more while I listen to podcasts. This morning I was listening to the Hay House World Summit podcast and the guest was Dr. Bruce Lipton, he was setting up that Quantum mechanics or the quantum field is the foundation for all Sciences. He said that Quantum mechanics is the foundation for all the sciences. And that Chemistry and Biology sit on top of the Quantum mechanics. When I came back from my meditation, I put a note in my journal that I needed to read some more Quantum books. Then as I going over our show notes, I noticed that your book is about the Quantum field and that we're going to be talking about Quantum mechanics today is that will fast track my learning!

Yep, the Universe is indeed listening, Bruce Lipton's book title is “The Biology of Belief,” he talks about what he calls Epigenetics. I love the fact that you talked about the Matrix. Someone was saying that we when we watched the movie The Matrix, that it looked like science fiction; but we could be in something similar to that in real life.

The subtitle of my book it's called, Dream Big, the Universe is listening, I know we have all these religions across the world and no matter who they believe the right version of God is, there is only one source. Let's just be honest, if there were multiple sources we'd have a war on our hands. Source multiplies itself and then humans interpret it differently. Formulate your prayer if you want to pray or if you meditate your visualization in such a way that the universe can decode your message. The Universe has its own language and we don't need to learn a computer language. Luckily we are endowed with a language, but most of us do it incorrectly. I want to help everybody do it in a way that the Universe will start listening.

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