I am frequently asked what are some of my favorite applications or applications that I would recommend. It is hard to recommend applications because everyone has a different need or they use their iPad a different way from the way I use my iPad. So instead of writing a post saying these are must have applications I figured I would upload a video of the applications that I use on a day to day basis. I have no problem recommending any of the applications seen in this video. If you are looking for a Twitter client then I recommend Tweetbot for the iPad, if you are looking for an RSS reader then I recommend Mr. Reader on the iPad.

Trouble viewing the video? View it on my YouTube channel.

Here are a few of the links to the reviews of some of the apps seen in the video:

Mr. Reader: http://totalipad.com/app/mr-reader-for-ipad/

30/30: http://totalipad.com/app/3030/

Day One: http://totalipad.com/app/day-one-journaldiary/

Downcast: http://totalipad.com/app/downcast/

Drafts: http://totalipad.com/app/drafts/

iA Writer: http://totalipad.com/ia-writer-review/

Pinnacle Studio: http://totalipad.com/pinnaclestudio/

Blogsy: http://totalipad.com/app/blogsy-for-ipad/

Pennant: http://totalipad.com/topps-pennant-review/

Clash of Clans: http://totalipad.com/clashofclans/

Kingdom Rush: http://totalipad.com/kingdom-rush-for-ipad/

Need For Speed: http://totalipad.com/need-for-speed-most-wanted/

Quotebook: http://totalipad.com/quotebook/

You can also find my iPad Wallpaper I talked about in the beginning of the video here: http://crizzo.net/post/39480780848/ipad-wallpaper