We have yet another episode of the TORWars podcast for you TORWarriors!  Episode #131 is here and ready for your listening pleasure. In this episode, our “opinion” episode we discuss our newer features here on the site as well as our discussion topic of the week.  So if you absolutely hate our opinions, we still want you to listen and tell us why you think we’re wrong. :)

“So, you gonna buy some more Cartel Packs Ron?” “Dunno Jerry, depends on if they ever change them up a bit.”

Here’s the breakdown for you:

Discussion Topic Of The Week: Cartel Pack Updates From Damion Schubert

Cartel Pack Updates from Damion Schubert – What Do We Think?

  • ● Do items put in the Galactic Trade Network sell?

    • * The White indestructible crystal Median Buyout price = 1.4 million credits

    • * The Overlord’s Command Throne Median Buyout Price = 1.75 million credits

    • * The Dominator’s Command Throne Median buyout price = 1.50 million credits

    • * The imperial banner Median buyout price = 250 credits

    • * Ruddyscale Kowakian Monkey-Lizard median buyout price = 500,000 credits

    • * Elegant Loungewear Top median buyout price = 22,000 credits

  • ● Are there any truly absurd prices out there?

    • DS: Absolutely. I can tell you one person bought an Imperial Banner off the GTN for 310000 credits.

  • ● Are you aware that some items can’t be sold on the GTN (i.e. the game won’t let you)?

    • DS: Yeah, those are bugs, and in the case of the lightsaber crystals, ones that we should have caught easily.

  • ● Are you guys aware that there’s a ton of dupe items clogging our inventory?

    • DS: We totally are. We are constructing our next round of packs (i.e. the round that will start when Rise of the Hutt Cartel ships) with a definite eye on reducing this level of suck.

  • ● Why can’t I sell some of this junk that is worthless on the GTN?

    • DS: I don’t want buying Cartel Packs to be a particularly effective and reliable way to get credits.  You might want to selectively choose some of these to bank, rather than junk. This retirement may be permanent, or a temporary removal from service (like the McRib or the Disney DvD releases)

  • It sucks that the Cartel Market/Cartel Packs takes away resources that could be spent on (my pet feature)!

    • DS: It’s quite the opposite, actually. The success of the market (and it has been quite successful) has given us the time and resources to do some ambitious things on Makeb, and plan some very ambitious things beyond. The success of the Cartel Market means that there will be more good stuff for ALL players, paying, subscribers, and free.

  • ● Do you have a pre-set number of packs and items set up ahead of time for a certain period of time?

    • DS: We develop a set of these packs (we call them a ‘Shipment’) at one time. Shipment 1 will have 4 packs associated with them (not counting the cheap pack), with one additional pack coming out before Rise of the Hutts. After that, a new shipment will come out, likely with a new name (instead of ‘Cartel Packs’, they will be ‘Contraband Packs’, for example).

  • ● Are you afraid that greed will corrupt the game?

    • DS: The cartel market funds the ability for players to play for free, which has allowed a huge number of players who couldn’t or wouldn’t play the game to do so now. This has resulted in more dev resources, and larger, more vibrant communities. And we’ve done so while still making market transactions mostly optional. I’m pretty much in the camp that we’re on the Light Side on this, so far at least.

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