Greetings TORWarriors!  Podcast episode #127 is ready for your listening pleasure. As usual this is our end-of-week cast where all we discuss is according to our own unique opinions.  So, if you don’t like us or our opinions…..we’ll try not to cry, but keeping Brian’s tears at bay is quite the challenge.

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Our discussion topics in this show:

  • ● Four Hot Topics – Are They On Track?

  • ● What would our hot topics in SWTOR be for them to focus on in 2013?

  • ● TORWARS MAKE US LAUGH RESULTS – We list this weeks first three winners, listed here.

Well….we try….

Shout Outs:

Thanks for listening! Be sure to give us your feedback in the comments section below and for what it’s worth, I think Betty White would make an excellent Sith.  Just saying.