EMD's are every marketer's best friend - right? Say what? Never heard of an EMD? Well whether you've heard of them or are even an experienced marketer using EMD's, this episode has got a ton of golden nuggets on how to leverage EMDs for all they're worth and rake in more traffic, more leads and, most importantly, more sales.

There are a lot of approaches to using EMDs - some are purely tactical and others quite strategic in nature. We discuss the various approaches as well as give you some advice on things you should be careful with in your business.

In this episode we also have some great content in the Pick the Brain segment. It's all about understanding conversion numbers and metrics that are common place in the industry so that you know how you're doing in comparison. It's always tough to know if your numbers are good or not, this will give you some baseline metrics that will help.

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In This Episode

We define what EMD's are and how to effectively use them
We talk about various EMD strategies as well as the various TLD domain names
We discuss what to do when you can't find the exact EMD you're looking for
Should you use hyphens in your domain names?
Should you use EMD's as a feeder? or a primary site domain?
Don't forget: it's about getting the phone call
Troy talks about a quick story about relevant local marketing tactics
How you can make sales without someone even visiting your site
We talk about using a tracking service for phone numbers for local marketing
This is a strategy but also a tactic as well - make sure you understand the tactical issues involved
How to use EMDs as feeder sites to grow your base
We discuss search volume questions related to choosing your EMD names
We give some tips for using Google's Adwords External Keyword Tool
Mike discusses the many ways to skin a cat - lol
We talk about an upcoming case study that we're running on ranking an EMD
We talk about ranking quickly and realistic expectations
We talk about the various benefits of EMD tactics
We discuss what it means to be on page 1 in today's mobile environment

Our Pick the Brain Segment
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In this Episode's Pick the Brain Segment

We answer the callers question about what to expect in terms of numbers for conversions in your advertising

This was a great question and we get it all the time. How do you know if your conversion numbers are "decent" or "great"? What are some of the baseline metrics for email open rates, email click thru rates, squeeze page conversion rates, and upsell conversion rates? Well, we dive into all of that in this week's episode.
Action Items from this Episode

Go out and find some EMDs that could help your main site

Setup a small feeder EMD and start experimenting with this tactic for more traffic, leads and sales

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