Kiddin' Around...
it's one of the CD's in my children's songs collections...
...and a lot of people have gotten it for their kids. Thank you all for that, by the way. But I remembered, this afternoon, that I had some videos of kids dancing (with the choreography help of their teacher) to 2 of the 10 songs on the CD. I haven't shared these clips here on the blog, so today I'm gonna do that.

When this teacher told me she'd like to use some of my songs for a presentation her kids were gonna do, I said...

"Really? Sure. That would be cool."

So, the day came for the kids to put on their "show", and I took my little hand-held digital video camera and went to the school. The lighting wasn't great, and I was way up in the balcony. So, the quality is lacking a bit. But I think you'll see how cute the kids were anyway.

And it really was cool to see the little people kiddin around to my music. Here they are...

Stay tuned,

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