I'm working on some animation to add to my ebooks for kids...

Don't get me wrong...I doubt I'll be giving Pixar a run for their money. But I'm having a very good time learning these new animation skills. In case you hadn't noticed...kids love animation. And they also love cartoons. And there's more and more research showing how ebooks for kids with animation or other multimedia are very popular.
So...I figured it was high time I took my illustrations to the next level.
I'm on the beginning edge of this...as you can tell from my "stylish" video...but even adding basic movement to my stories brings a deeper, more immersive dimension. And I want to capture as much of a kid's imagination as possible.
Of course, there are some who say providing the visuals actually diminishes the imagination of a child. I disagree...but...
What do you think?
Stay tuned,

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