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Swing with TomandBunny

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Convincing your spouse to swing
August 20, 2019

  Convincing your spouse to swing We recently we posed with this question from our Facebook group from a member wanting to know how to convince his spouse to enter into the swingers lifestyle.   On this podcast we discuss our opinions regarding this.

REVENGE SEX! Don’t leave your girlfriend or wife at a swingers club
August 12, 2019

REVENGE SEX at a Swingers Club!!!  DON’T LEAVE YOUR GIRLFRIEND or WIFE! We have seen this throughout our swinging lifestyle, the guy leaves his girl at a swingers club!  WTF, what is he thinking???  We know she is thinking REVENGE SEX!!!

Upside down pineapple – Myth or Legend
July 11, 2019

We have been asked many times about where the Upside Down Pineapple to indicate people were swingers started or came from and after some exhausting research we talk about our opinion and we are looking for your feedback on this subject.

Are you guaranteed sex at a swingers club
July 05, 2019

  Recently a negative comment was made on one of our club videos about how they couple did not see sex during the party and how could the club call it’s self a Swing club if there was no sex?  So we wanted to bring you our take about seeing sex at a Sw...

Our funny stories about Swinging
July 03, 2019

Today we talk about funny stories we were either involved in or witnessed while in the swinging lifestyle. To keep our podcast to 30 minutes we will do another podcast later with more funny storied you can listen to.

Kasidie Krush at Hedonism the first day is crazy
June 17, 2019

We are at Hedonism Resort in Jamaica right now with the Kasidie Krush Group and we are rocking the resort with a great group of people and one creepy single male who is staying at the resort but not part of our group!

Should you out yourself as a swinger
June 10, 2019

  Today we discuss about coming out to friends and family that you are in the swinging lifestyle.  We give our opinions and thoughts on on this very touchy subject.  Comment on our website about your personal experiences on coming out to friends and fa...

How to get out of a conversation at a Lifestyle event
June 05, 2019

Today we discuss how to get out of a conversation at a Lifestyle event!  Many of you know that being trapped in an unwanted conversation is hard enough and you don’t want to be rude, listen to our podcast for our suggestions Listen to our new Podcast!

Swinger Etiquette at lifestyle events
May 29, 2019

We discuss some common sense etiquette that we see lacking at lifestyle events. Toms Trips Adult Lifestyle Travel to Swinger Resorts https://www.tomstrips.com/?ap_id=TomandBunny Book your next trip with us 800-285-0853 Option #2 Ext #3 for Bunny   Like...

Lifestyle Conventions and what they offer
May 29, 2019

Today we discuss going to Lifestyle conventions and what you can expect to see from Pool Parties, Vendors, Classes, Ball Rooms and more.   We discuss in this podcast Xcapades in Houston Texas Toms Trips Adult Lifestyle Travel to Swinger Resorts https:/...