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Riff-Raff Podcast: [Ep.32] Universal Souljah
August 16, 2019

We've got new death/grind/doom from Ignivomous, Weeping Sores, Engulf, Berated, Galaxy, and Putrescine, we also talk about the very new and relevant Metallica + Megadeth albums, tripping balls at the movies, putrid coffee,

Toilet Radio 198: Unionize the Entire Music Industry
August 14, 2019

This week me and 365 Days of Horror are discussing the topics what been kicking around our squishy brain spaces. We're talking: The surprising participant reactions to our Battle for Ozzfest show / There's a new Tool song! We didn't listen to it.

Riff-Raff Podcast: Top 10 Death Metal Albums Of The Decade Special Edition (Part 2)
August 09, 2019

Today we make our way to the #1 of the albums which made the Toilet ov Hell’s Top 10 death metal records of the past 10 years (2008-2018). We also mispronounce every word in both the English and French languages (even a made up one),

August 07, 2019

We watched a long-forgotten reality television gem. 10 episodes. Just for your listening pleasure. We're talking about The Battle for Ozzfest, a 2004 MTV2 reality program that highlighted a handful of bands fighting with each other to get a spot on the...

Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.30 – Storming Area 51 With A Bath Water White Claw
August 02, 2019

New shit from Ripper, Genevieve, Mortal Incarnation, Grogus, Defenestration, Ancient Crypts, Enforced, and Dispossessed, along with new metal merch ideas, Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter, the Democratic debacle(s), angry mushroom trips,

Toilet Radio 196: The HAMMERFALL Interview
July 31, 2019

OK, OK. Settle down, nerds. Nina from A Sound of Thunder went and got hit by a whole ass bus but that didn't stop her from interviewing one of her favorite musicians. Join as she talks with Oscar Dronjak about HammerFall's World of Warcraft connection,...

Toilet Radio 195: The Decline of Toilet Civilization
July 24, 2019

Society is bullshit, maaan. On this week's episode we're tracking Manowar Meltdown 2k19 (with special guest, Joey DeMaio's mom). But that's not all! We're talking about Nuclear Blast signing everyone's favorite Christian/Attempted Wife Murdering Metalc...

Riff-Raff Podcast: Top 10 Death Metal Albums Of The Decade Special Edition (Part One)
July 22, 2019

No new shit on this episode, today we're delving into the albums which made the Toilet ov Hell's Top 10 death metal records of the past 10 years (2008-2018). We also talk shitty facebook metal groups, Blood Incantation storming Area 51,

Toilet Radio 194: Lords of Chaos was OK
July 17, 2019

We're kicking off our Summer movie series. First up is the teen sex comedy of the year, Lords of Chaos. If you're anything like us, you probably heard a lot about this movie and made a conscious decision to skip it.

Toilet Radio 193: Boomer Punks Fuck Off
July 10, 2019

On this week's episode, your boys went on a deep dive of Rob Miller's decision to end his career. The former Amebix and now former Tau Cross frontman went down the conspiracy theory expressway and ended up at Holocaust denial junction.