This week on the first episode of GutsXGritXGrind – The This is Female Powerlifting podcast, we are going to revisit our origin story and discuss why we don’t owe anyone pretty (and what is it that means). We’ll also talk about how the growth of our community has not only vastly exceeded our initial expectations, but the lessons we’ve learned so far from it, and how community growth has intersected with our own personal growth. We’ll also ramble on a bit about our own personal meet prep and give share some thoughts on cool things happening in female powerlifting right now and in the near future. We hope you enjoy this, our first show!

0:30 – Introductions – putting names to these awesome voices and giving a little bit of insight into who we are and what we do in real life/the real world.

3:30- - What is This is Female Powerlifting and how did this whole thing get started?

6:30 – There is no “one true way” to be a powerlifter

8:30 – Liz has actually written a great blog post for us and it will be available shortly on our blog at

10:00 – What I lift matters, not what I look like while I do it

11:40 – Evolution of TIFPL from our three friends to a community of lifters across the globe

13:30 – Fighting back against traditional notions of beauty

14:30 – Jaime and Darron go full Canadian and name drop NHL hockey players

15:05 – What is the Boner Kill Brigade?

15:52 – Beans is the Boner Kill Brigadier

16:50 – What does it mean to not owe anyone pretty?

18:48 – PSA on 55 second long one rep Instagram videos. While this will be a topic later, here’s a teaser.

19:05 – The transition from Instagram group chat to TIFPL, the Instagram with 10 followers, to a much larger community

20:30 – TIFPL Manifesto

22:30 – Dudes and TIFPL / dudes who TIFPL

26:00 – Dude challenges and leveling the playing field – aka why TIFPL matters

28:20 – Fail videos, the Lifting Concern Police and vulnerability

29:30 – It’s ok to be “ugly” and not everything is a quest for gratification

30:50 – Owning your butt selfies and not trying to somehow link them back in to powerlifting

32:30 – “Juicy peaches” and other contrived bodily expectations – take ten lifters and you will have ten different bodies.

34:50 – YOU DO YOU.

35:30 – Being real, and expressing vulnerability – sometimes that includes fails.

38:00 – TIFPL challenge: To post our next fails.

38:30 – TIFPL bat signal – we need recommendations for an emoji

39:30 – Power Surge meet prep discussions

41:15 – Compared to WHAT: what/who are you comparing yourself to, and WHY?

42:30 – Meet performance – in the grand scheme of life, what does this one single meet really mean?

44:45 – Goal setting in powerlifting

47:05 – Shout-Outs

50:45 – Teaser for #TIFPLdirtbagconfessions