This Week in Mormons

This Week in Mormons

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EP 424 – Motherhood Part 3: The Value of a Mother
May 19, 2019

Our church emphasizes motherhood as a woman's ultimate goal, but what of women who want motherhood and a career? And how can we know Heavenly Mother?

EP 423 – Motherhood Part 2: Pressure and Longing
May 12, 2019

The importance of motherhood is deeply ingrained in Latter-day Saint culture, but what of those women in the Church who don't want to have children or those who struggle for years with infertility, seemingly unable to fulfill their divine mandate?

EP 422 – Purse Slamming Fever
May 09, 2019

Relief Society General President Jean B. Bingham takes flack for remarks about women. Civilly married couples can now go to the temple immediately!

EP 421 – Motherhood Part 1: What Is A Mother?
May 05, 2019

By traditional definitions, motherhood is easy to describe, but for numerous Latter-day Saint women being a mother is much more complex - and unpredictable.

EP 420 – Mormon Marriages
April 29, 2019

Josh and Angilyn Bagley, hosts of the Mormon Marriages podcast, join us to talk about what can be done to truly make a marriage celestial.

EP 419 – Personal Progress On Crack
April 24, 2019

Stage productions in the chapel? We thought the chapel was reserved for only sacrament meeting. Or is it?

EP 418 – Time Is Running Out
April 09, 2019

It's time for our General Confernece roundup, featuring Geoff Openshaw, Kurt Francom, Tiffany Hales, and Arianne Smith. Conference!

EP 417 – Tell Me About This ‘Frappuccino’
March 26, 2019

If the Word of Wisdom changes, will you start drinking coffee? New seminary curriculum. President Nelson's amazing 95th birthday party!

EP 416 – Donny Is the Peacock
March 20, 2019

Seminary students participate in faux Church disciplinary councils, a full rundown of Mormons in reality television, and Sister Nelson is just like us!

EP 415 – Catholicism Wow!
March 13, 2019

The Rome Italy Temple is dedicated! All 15 prophets, seers, and revelators were present in Rome! President Nelson met the Pope! Devin Thorpe is here!