This Week in Mormons

This Week in Mormons

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EP 434 – Tapirs! Tapirs, I Say!
August 07, 2019

The new youth theme has a dangerous undercurrent, horses really did exist in the Americans before Columbus, and bad satire on 73 steps to become Mormon!

EP 433 – Inclusion
July 31, 2019

Josie Gleave joins the fray and brings with her a great roundup of international news, including the best story ever out of New Zealand.

EP 432 – Bye Bye, EFY
July 25, 2019

Especially for Youth becomes For the Strength of Youth, President Nelson addresses racism at NAACP convention, and Kurt has a bonkers idea for temple work!

EP 431 – Super Religious White People
July 16, 2019

A Mormon choir wows the streets of New York, Mormon teen influencers, coming out at BYU, and Stranger Things thinks Mormons are oh-so-white.

EP 430 – So Much Varnish That It Glows
July 11, 2019

Is celebrating the prophet's birthday a bit too much for a humble calling? Missionaries to pay more per month. The Church toys with younger kid interviews.

EP 429 – Let’s Talk About Sex
July 02, 2019

The author of "And It Was Very Good" sits in the hot seat to discuss Latter-day Saint sexuality, including its many pitfalls.

EP 428 – If Only Joseph Had Grammarly
June 26, 2019

Six months in, how is two-hour church and "Come, Follow Me" working out for you?

EP 427 – Watch All Those Rated R Movies!
June 21, 2019

Do we experience irrational fears about being attacked at church? VidAngel gets in hot water. THE MORMON MILLIONAIRE IS THE WORST.

EP 426 – YSA Stakes Are Stupid. Change My Mind.
May 30, 2019

YSA stakes do not meet the needs of young Latter-day Saints, and they exclude them from participation with the rest of the Church. Also, other news.

EP 425 – I Pity the Stake!
May 24, 2019

Arianne and Tiffany are back to talk about... men's cotton garments.