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Episode 87, Cars, bikes mix in cycling caravan
May 17, 2019

For every cyclist competing in a professional bike race, there's seemingly a corresponding vehicle. But it's not an exact parallel. In fact, in top-level races, there are several times more team, organization, media and sponsor vehicles,

#85, Donald Farr debuts new book, BOSS Mustang: 50 Years
May 09, 2019

Historian Donald Farr likely doesn't have many equals when the topic has anything to do with the Ford Mustang. But he doesn't see it that way, and he's too humble. He cites others as all-knowing experts when the topic is the famous sports car. -

#84, David Ankin, ToyMakerz hit season 3 finale
April 25, 2019

The  finale of Season 3 of ToyMakerz, the increasingly popular automotive reality television program  hosted by David Ankin, will be broadcast on April 28. It will feature a guest appearance by Dean Cain, the actor who portrayed Superman/Clark Kent on ...

#83 GIG one-way rental car debuts in Sacramento
April 23, 2019

Tony Bizjak, the long-time transportation writer for the Sacramento Bee, recently wrote an article and was the driver in the publication's online video about GIG. It's the new on-demand, one-way rental car service available in Sacramento and other sele...

#81 Author Libby Edelman on women who love cars
April 22, 2019

Libby Edelman spent years raising a family, living in several locations around the United States and working as a fashion editor for national magazines. She also spent a lot of time thinking about women who love their cars,

#80, Elon Musk, Toyota Camry and WeatherTech Raceway
April 05, 2019

There's never a dull moment in the automotive industry — recalls to new technology, debuting vehicles to car shows. In many ways, the world revolves around transportation.  Co-hosts Bruch Aldrich and James Raia discuss several issues on Episode #80 of...

#79 Autonomous future featured at GPU Technology Conference
March 28, 2019

The huge truck cab couldn't have been any more conspicuous. It dominated the back of the main showroom at the recent GPU Technology Conference in San Jose, California, and attracted plenty of attention. -

#78 Futurist Mark Pesce discusses the next billion cars
March 19, 2019

The automotive industry manufactures two cars a second. Never have so many had access to motorized transportation. In the next 15 years — the time it will take to build the next billion cars — the automobile expectations and the experience they provide...

#77, Peugeot president discusses iconic car’s return
March 12, 2019

Groupe PSA is the multinational manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles sold under the Peugeot, Citroën, DS, Opel and Vauxhall brands. In late February, the French company announced it will soon re-introduce Peugeot to the North American market.

#76, Alex Guberman, YouTube electric vehicle maverick
March 01, 2019

Alex Guberman is as passionate as anyone about the electric vehicle industry. A recent transplant from the Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay Area to Sacramento, California, Guberman runs E For Electric on YouTube. - Guberman,