Should I have a spray tan for my wedding? One of the most asked questions I get as a photographer. In this episode, Ariety from Luscious Glow Spray Tanning answers the tough questions from a complete novice (me) leaving you sure about your decision to have a spray tan for your wedding.

There are plenty of spray tan artists available but I was keen to speak to Arety on this topic for a few reasons; she comes highly recommended by her clients, sure, not so uncommon. She knows her products well, also no real surprise as you'd expect anyone that sprays a fine coloured film all over your naked body with a pressurised air gun to at least know what they are applying. But here's the biggie for me - Arety comes recommended by other suppliers and photographers.

Working at weddings, with couples and in the wedding industry, recommendations are highly sought after because they don't come lightly. Since views on spray tans tend to be split down the middle, I wanted to interview someone that definitely does great work. And recommendations from other suppliers are often the best recommendations as these guys are seeing each others work often.

During the interview with Arety, we cover everything I can think of to ask about spray tans including: 

What actually happens when you get a spray tan?
Choosing the right shade or colour for your skin colour - this was totally different to what I expected.
How to best prepare for the best spray tan - especially for your wedding.
When to have your tan applied before your wedding.
How long will your spray tan last?
Are there things you can do to make the tan last longer?
What you can do if you don't like your spray tan on the day of the wedding.
How much does a spray tan cost?
What causes the "dirty knee" look and how to avoid it.
How to choose a good spray tan artist for your wedding.
Are all spray tan products the same?
How have spray tan products changed over the last couple of years?
Should your spray tan rub off on your wedding dress?
Can you have all you bridesmaids look the same colour after a spray tan?
What causes that horrible "orange" look with spray tans?

Being a wedding photographer, I am always reluctant to recommend a spray tan to a bride after witnessing some "shockers" in the past. In my experience though, things have changed a lot and I am seeing few bad spray tans at weddings today. I believe this has a lot to do with the new products, particularly the change of "base colours" in the spray tan solution and that girls are more educated and experienced with tans and take less risks with their wedding.

If you are considering a tan for your wedding, listen to what Arety has to say and you will have the look you're after for your wedding day, your dress will remain white, no matter the humidity and you'll actually be able to control the colour of your skin to perfection.
A Wedding Photographers Letter to a Wedding Makeup Artist
Also covered in this episode of The Wedding Podcast is a letter written by Ben Newnam, a Sydney based and very experienced wedding photographer to a wedding make up artist looking to be referred by Ben to his wedding clients.

All so often when a bride is late to the ceremony on her wedding day, it's the result of the hair stylist or make up artist that just took too long preparing the bridal party and particularly the bride. Bens letter addresses exactly this issue and goes onto explaining the ramifications of running late on a wedding day when there is absolutely no chance to "go back" and get the photos you missed.

I too have covered this same issue in a previous blog post and running late on a wedding day continues to be a real headache for everyone involved - long after the makeup artists and hair stylist have left for the day. What they often fail to realise is a bride late to the ceremony either results in missed photos at home, which the couple have paid for (and possibly highly) or the girls ar...