The Sy Effect Radio Show welcomes Life, Relationship Coach and Author Chey B. Over 25,000 people from around the globe support by connecting via my "AskCheyB" Relationship Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram). Chey is currently finalizing his book on relationships titled "Food, Sex & Peace of Mind" (What A Woman Needs To Know To Keep A Man) which has a strong focus on "The way men think, why men do what men do, and how men truly feel about women". "AskCheyB" radio show also coming soon! In order to get the best, you have to be the best, and Im here to show you how! Tell me what you thought about this episode. Call 323-786-3265 so I can share it with 100,000+ listeners. Follow The Sy Effect Radio Show Twitter -- IAMSY Instagram - IAMSY Facebook - The Sy Effect Thank you for supporting The Sy Effect Radio Show

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