J.A.G hails from Greenville, North Carolina, a small city nestled 45 minutes east of the state capital Raleigh. A small city upbringing, mixed with big city dreams and the love for music created whom we now know as J.A.G, which happens to be an acronym of his birth name. J.A.G was raised in a musical household that was spearheaded by his mother who is a self trained pianist and a music enthusiast. Very often after listeners hear music from J.A.G, their next reaction is to ask “Who's this?” or “Who sings this?” or simply, “this dude is hot!!” To be frank, J.A.G is best defined as a hip-hop lyricist. Point-Blank-Period. J.A.G is a true student of the art of hip-hop and embodies the very essence that is void in today's music scene. Hip-hop music has matured but digressed throughout the years, and somehow J.A.G has kept a tight grasp on the lyrical elements of hip-hop and has continued to chase his ultimate dream of sharing his GOD given artistry with the world. Follow JAG on twitter: @thejagmusic Follow The Sy Effect Radio Show: @IAMSY

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