The Roots of Leadership Podcast

The Roots of Leadership Podcast

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Dr. Ken Keis –Live, Lead & Work with Purpose
August 26, 2019

Dr. Ken Keis is a global authority on behavioral assessment strategies and process and an expert in leadership, purpose and wellness. He is an author, speaker, podcast host and life coach who focuses on holistic living, self-awareness, self-mastery,

Andrea March – Connecting the Entrepreneurial Spirited
August 05, 2019

Andrea March is a self-claimed serial entrepreneur. A gifted woman with a mission, her goal is to help bring entrepreneurs like herself together. - After running a jewelry business with her husband, Andrea was watching CNBC and did not understand wha...

Nicolás Delgado – No Short Cuts
July 22, 2019

Anthony sits down with Nicolás Delgado, the regional corporate and sales leader for Marsh Latin America and Caribbean, and Nicolás shares multiple gems of wisdom for both personal and professional development and his story builds out a perfect platform...

There is No Right or Wrong – Dr. Laura Gallaher
July 08, 2019

Dr. Laura Gallaher is an organizational psychologist who is obsessed with the idea of building cultures and organizations from the inside out. She is a speaker, facilitator and executive coach. - At 24 Dr.

Tackling Life – Tahir Whitehead
June 17, 2019

Going into his 8th year in the NFL, Oakland Raiders defensive linebacker Tahir Whitehead shares his story on what it took to make it to the big stage and what it takes to stay there. - Growing up in Newark, New Jersey,

Start, Stop, Keep – Eric Widmondt
June 03, 2019

Eric Widmondt is the second generation leader of Woodmont Properties. The northeast based development company was built by his father, and now Eric is the CEO and principal leading the organization. Although Woodmont is located primarily in New Jersey ...

Supporting Caregivers – A Human Responsibility
May 13, 2019

At 9 years old, Lindsay Jurist-Rosner became a caregiver for her mother when she was diagnosed with primary progressive multiple sclerosis. While caring for her mother for over 25 years, Lindsay became obsessed with the topic.

Opioids – The American Health Care Crisis: Interview with Dr. Daniel Knecht
April 29, 2019

In his current role with Aetna, Dr. Daniel Knecht leads the team who creates and executes programs which impact the unmet health needs for their members. They work with internal stakeholders and external partners to implement strategies. Currently,

Habits of a Champion – Coach Dana Cavalea
April 15, 2019

One warm night in Texas Dana Cavalea was a 23-year-old Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the one of the greatest organizations in major league sports. During the 7th inning, the starting pitcher suddenly pulled his hamstring,

Michelle McCloskey – From Oil Fields to Boardrooms
April 01, 2019

A self-proclaimed story teller, Michelle McCloskey, shares her path to success on the podcast today. Michelle is the President of the America’s Man Group and the President of Man Group FRM. Her role is to be the senior representative for the executive ...