Theremin 30

Theremin 30

July 2019 - Michelle Moog-Koussa

July 02, 2019

Featured in the July 2019 episode of Theremin 30:

"Pimlico" - Matteo Ciminari (London, England)
"Schneeleichen" - Dorit Chrysler (New York, NY, USA)
"What Are Stars?" -  Dr G (Halifax, NS, Canada)
"Canaveral" - James Bohn (New Bedford, MA, USA)
"Rosetta and Philae" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)  

"Opera Glasses" - Phlogiston Theory & Ron Allen (Denver, CO & Seattle, WA, USA)
"No Static at All" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)
"Time Shadows" - Phlogiston Theory (Denver, CO, USA)
INTERVIEW Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director, Bob Moog Foundation and Moogseum (Asheville, NC, USA)
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ON YOUTUBE "What are stars?" -- Dr G (official music video)  
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