The Reasons I'm Broke

The Reasons I'm Broke

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#361 - Joker Movie Box Office Estimates
August 18, 2019

In #361, we cover the Joker movie box office estimates, Greg Capullo re-signing with DC, we review No One Left To Fight #2, and more!

#360 - Black Suit Spidey
August 11, 2019

In #360, we cover the Disney+ price plan, Kevin Smith’s thoughts on the Snyder Cut, we review The Sensational Spider-Man: Self Improvement #1, and more!

#359 - Joker Is Robin
August 04, 2019

In #359, we cover the latest Previews catalog, Lucifer’s Season 5 expansion, we review Batman: Last Knight On Earth #2, and more!

#358 - Batman Curse Of The White Knight
July 28, 2019

In #358, we cover Young Justice’s Season 4 renewal, the Joker movie’s upcoming debut at Toronto, we review Batman: Curse of the White Knight #1, and more!

#357 - No One Left To Fight
July 21, 2019

In #357, we cover Zack Snyder’s announced Norse project, BOOM Studio’s latest crossover comic, we review No One Left To Fight #1, and more!

#356 - HBO Max
July 14, 2019

In #356, we cover the newly announced Switch Lite, WB’s HBO Max streaming service, we review Space Bandits #1, and more!

#355 - Uxas
July 07, 2019

In #355, we cover the return of Marvel Zombies, the end of The Walking Dead comic, we go over the Previews catalog, and more!

#354 - Thomas And Bruce Wayne
June 30, 2019

In #354, we cover Batman’s induction in the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the return of DC’s Dollar Comics, we review Batman #73, and more!

#353 - Spotlight On Greg Capullo MegaCon 2019
June 23, 2019

In #353, we share the "Spotlight On Greg Capullo" MegaCon panel where Greg talks about Spawn, Reborn, Batman: Last Knight On Earth, and more!

#352 - E3 2019
June 16, 2019

In #352, we cover the future of Warner Bros.’ Godzilla Monsterverse, the cancellation of Swamp-Thing on DC Universe, Macio guests on to help cover E3 2019, and more!