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The Real Dirt with Chip Baker

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Living Soil: Revolutionary or BS?
September 10, 2019

Chip talks with Colin Bell from Mammoth Microbes to get to the bottom of living soil and if it really meets the hype, plus the story behind Mammoth Microbes and Mammoth P.

The Culture and Business of Ganja in Jamaica
July 30, 2019

We've all wondered it. We've all wanted to try it. But the real question we all have is, is Jamaican ganja any good? - In this week's episode of The Real Dirt, Chip and Travis talk about Jamaican ganja. How to get it, how it looks, how it smells,

Toklahoma: Growing cannabis in Oklahoma
July 09, 2019

Growing cannabis. A lot of us wish we could do it, a lot of try to do it and fail. Well, now Oklahoma can join our ranks. - With its booming medical marijuana industry, Oklahoma is drawing natives and cannabis industry transplants alike to its fresh n...

The Problems with Planting Clones Outside
June 11, 2019

It's a stacked lineup in this week's episode of The Real Dirt Podcast! - Jason of Kiskanu, Chris of Cultivate OKC, Brian of Yumboldt Farms and Jeff from Little Hill Cultivators get a surprise phone call from Chip Baker to talk about clones and the pro...

The Story Behind The Real Dirt Podcast
May 28, 2019

The Real Dirt has come a long way since the first episode of Tony Don't Smoke OG was recorded in 2016. Dozens of incredible guests and 70+ episodes later, The Real Dirt is making a move. - We've been in the same studio in Denver,

Everything You Need to Know About Coco Coir
May 14, 2019

This week's episode of The Real Dirt is a full deep dive into the growing medium coco. Growers around the country have heard a lot of different stories about coco, not all of it true. - Coco is an exceptional,

Top Tips for Growing Hemp
May 07, 2019

Please SUBSCRIBE! - Growing hemp on a large scale isn't like growing other field crops, and it's also different from growing regular cannabis. From how you plant to when and what (seeds or clones, feminized or not),

Hemp Laws Explained with Vicente Sederberg LLC
April 23, 2019

These new hemp laws can get a little hazy. There's little coordinated regulation across the country, and when it comes to CBD there's almost none at all. - In this week's "Hempisode", Chip and Justin talk with Shaun Hauser and Andrew Livingston from V...

Inside The Alabama Hemp Industry
April 16, 2019

In this week's episode of The Real Dirt Podcast, Chip and his Co-Host Justin Jones (Dank Dispensary, Kush Bottles) call up Brett Terry. - Brett works with Front Range Biosciences in Boulder, CO. he has already obtained his permit to grow industrial he...

Getting Started in Legal Hemp
April 09, 2019

On this Real Dirt Hempisode, Chip and his Co-Host Justin Jones (Dank Dispensary, Kush Bottles) talk with Mike Leago from the International Hemp Exchange. - The three talk about the rising amount of farmers getting into the legal hemp industry,